דברים שיש לקחת בחשבון בעת רכישת מסכי הקרנה למקרן

מסכי הקרנת המקרן היא אחת התגליות הטובות ביותר בתחום המולטימדיה. טכנולוגיה חדשה זו יכולה להגדיל תמונות ולהקרין אותן על משטח שטוח, כך שיותר אנשים יוכלו לראות איורים בקלות. זה עזר מאוד לעסקים במצגות, פגישות וניתוחים.

Use of the projector
One of the more useful projector functions is to disseminate information or provide entertainment on a larger basis. The latest projector can only do everything to make educator work, students, entrepreneurs and other people who need an effective method to present important and more clearly important information.

The use of Portable personal projectors is not limited to information dissemination management; It also contributes significantly to make people live better and more comfortable. The projector makes the house look more entertaining because it looks always better on a bigger screen. People find the idea of ​​having a very relaxed and comfortable home theater.

Projector type
There are two types of projectors – LCD and DLP. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display while DLP stands for Digital Light Processing. LCD projectors provide bright colors and sharp images compared to DLP varieties because they have higher lumens output. On the other hand, the DLP Handier projector. All projectors that weigh three pounds or less are DLP projectors.

The decision to choose DLP or LCD depends on what the projector will use. PowerPpoint presentation is better with LCD projectors. DLP projectors offer the best quality output to move images such as film or audiovisual presentation. The size and weight of the unit must also be considered. This means that if work needs to move constant, then DLP Handier will be a logical choice.

There are differences in the quality of the output model that is different because the model has different specifications and capacity. The projector with the highest lumens can offer the brightest and clear images.

Suitable for trade shows, conventions and conferences is a projector with 6000 lumens. This type of projector can be understood and heavier than the model with lower lumens. Most people use a projector with 2000 lumens, projector entry level. The best projector, of course, will depend on the use of buyers intending to enter it.

Buy a projector
In buying a projector there are several things that must be considered. Each type or projector model has its own characteristics in terms of functionality, output and price. Functionality can, of course, affect the presentation value. This means that ease of use is as important as image clarity. Although, practical manufacturing utilizes the same technology, whether it is a type of LCD or DLP, control and responsiveness is different from each product. Naturally, you will find that the more simple the controls are getting better.

The price is another determining factor in determining the type and model of the projector to be purchased. The projector currently has prices ranging from $ 1,500 to $ 20,000. Prices depend on features, functions, size, weight, and output quality.

The clarity of images produced by the projector is the only most important factor in choosing types and models to buy. Projectors with higher resolution and brightness have clearer and sharper image output. Resolution data and other useful information about projectors are usually included in product information as provided by the manufacturer. This means that it won’t be too difficult to decide on the type of model that can guarantee the best image output.

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